Christine Hafen - Drill Ship Captain, Dynamic Positioning Operator - now jobseeker

What does it take to captain an 860 foot long, 150 foot high drill ship in 11,000 feet of ocean? Christine Hafen did it, for years.
I sit down with Christine Hafen to talk about her life on the sea, spanning being a ship's captain, chief mate, and dynamic positioning operator for a drill ship.  This thing is 860 feet long, 150 tall and operates 200 miles offshore in 11,000 feet of ocean - which she has to keep over the drill site in less than 5% variance.  She also tells the tale of nearly going into Davy Jones locker, evacuating during a hurricane.

We recorded this episode because Christine is facing what many of us are this year - a career change.  How does one go from the drill ship to corporate America?

If you need someone with determination, grace under pressure, and relentless spirit - here is her LinkedIn Profile.
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