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Through The Darkness of Suicide: Grief and Vulnerability with Christy Daniher

This powerful conversation explores the deep grief and vulnerability that comes from losing a loved one to suicide. Christy courageously shares her story of losing her...

Stephanie Villavicencio of Tits Deep: One Big Beautiful Accident

I talk with Stephanie Villavicencio, founder of Tits Deep For Breast Cancer. We go into Stephanie's personal journey that led to starting this impactful organization a...

The Hero's Journey of Healing: Ellen Busch and Writing Through Trauma

Ellen Busch returns for a second conversation and shares her inspiring journey of healing from past abuse through writing her memoir, facing fears of vulnerability, an...

Tyler Zipperer from Biked Goods: Baker, Biker, Coach, Community

Tyler Z takes me through the origin of Biked Goods, making food fun and enjoyable, coaching kids on the bike, the importance of introducing healthy habits to kids, and...

Wiley Davis: Author - "It's Me or The Horse"

Author Wiley Davis takes me through the origin of her memoir, and some powerful stories that comprise "It's Me or the Horse", including:The worst date she's ever been ...

Barry Enderwick: Sandwiches of History, Netflix and Anchovy Paste

Grab your white bread, butter and make some Sandwiches of History with Barry Enderwick.  We talk sardines and sandwiches and then dive into his career at Netflix befor...

Stephanie McHugh: Creating Space for Others in Comedy

How to write a joke about dementia and Parkinson's - and yet stay compassionate to others. At a boxing class!

Doug Kauer: Founder of Kauer Guitars. Quite cromulent.

Supposedly an episode about guitars. Which starts after we talk about bikes and The Simpsons for about 20 minutes.

Anthony DeLeo: Founder of Bespoke Velo Australia

How pre-dawn bike rides in Australia led to becoming a full-blown curated cycling business, selling bespoke brands from around the world.

Emma Weisfeld-Adams: Planning a Beautiful Death

There are truly few shared experiences. Death is one. Dying is as natural as the setting sun. Most people don’t think death is beautiful. What if it could be?

Michel Hogan - Brand Counsel: Unheroic Work, Toxic Delight, Weaponized Values and the Myth of Wow

What do you and your company stand for? Is your purpose confused with marketing? What are the right behaviors linked to your values?

Michelle Krasniak, Part 2: Trial, Recovery and Life After

How do you navigate a transformational moment in your life? Michelle survived a kidnapping and shares the recovery and how her life has changed.

Sully: Late Bloomer and Renaissance Man.

One of the best storytellers I've ever met. Vegas hotels at midnight. Ferraris. Airlines. Running.

Michael Cox: The Things That Don't Define You Shouldn't Shake You.

No ay de otra : There is no other. Facing fear, push/pull factors. Askholes.

Jonathan Banks: How to Create Your Best World and Display Your Values

How do you truly create a customer focused experience? How do you demonstrate your values when they are not being tested?

Michelle Krasnyiak: Get Into Warrior Mode and Giving Up vs. Giving In

So what do you do if you hate to cook, but aren't afraid to fail? You move to Costa Rica and open the 4th food truck in the country!

Jennifer Wreyford: Courage to Rise and Surviving the Dark Night of the Soul

Visit the dark places in your journey, don't live there. How does one survive the Dark Night of the Soul?

Cyd Hatch, The Girl Who Brands: Wastebooks, Photography and Storytelling

Whether it's through design, photos or the written word, Cyd knows how to tell stories that get people to do something.

Jessica Rae: Curiousity, Courage and Fear in Leadership

As a leader, what happens when you admit your fears to your team? How does curiosity and intent build rapport and overcome failure?

Christine Wzorek: CEO of White Label Advisors - The Elegant Puzzle of Human Behavior

Human Behavior, The Right to Dignity, Business Strategy, Courage, and Fonts

Samtu Palouki: The Journey from Tech Nerd in Togo to Becoming a US Army Soldier & Filmmaker

Would you have the courage to move to a country where you didn't know the language - and join the Army?

Kelly Schexnaildre of Merfs Condiments: Justice, Forgiveness and Letting Yourself Be Loved

An amazing journey of recovery, sobriety, forgiving others and oneself, and fighting for justice for everybody, and setting hearts on fire.

Ellen Busch: Overcoming the Educational Death Sentence of Dyslexia

The power of parental love and belief, and the precious gift of life via tissue and organ donation.

Carie Zoellner : The Humanitarian Mission of Hagar International

Hagar International takes a comprehensive approach to helping those affected by human trafficking. Find out how you can help.

Marley Blonsky - All Bodies On Bikes

The story of how a bicycle helped Marley recover from a floundering marriage, and becoming an advocate for fat cyclists and bicycle safety.

Quinn Brett & Joshua Stevens: The Motivation Myth and Being Loved After Loss

What is bravery exactly? Is there a motivation myth? How do you work through thinking you'll never be loved again?

Talnua Distillery: Community, Family and Whiskey with Adam Gamboa

When a business - from the top down - cares about the community and their work family, you get a great experience like at Talnua.

Teila Evans: The Power of Sales and When Nobody Looks Like You

How does one start consulting - when the choice is made for you? What does it feel like when you're the only person of color in the office?

Cori James, Fill The Well Athletics: Learning Self-Love, A Natural Sad, The Artist's Way

Fill your well, so you can fill the well of others. Anxiety, depression, an eating disorder - and finding some balance with triathlon and inclusion.

Ken Andrews: Principle Architect at Arch 11, and The Way Design Inhabits the World

Ptolemic, Charles Eames, phenomenology, architecture, compression and release. In the spirit of Vitruvius - commodity, firmness, and delight - this podcast is the ult...

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