Colleen Abdoulah, Former CEO of WOW! Internet on Gender Equity & Courage - Pt. 1

What exactly is courage in the workplace? How do you foster a general awareness of self? How will you help the bird of humanity soar?
This is part 1 of a conversation with Colleen Abdoulah, Ardent Warrior for Gender Equity.  She is also the:
  • Former Chair and CEO of WOW! Internet and Cable
  • Chair Emeritus of World Pulse, a social network for Women to Accelerate Change for Gender Equality
  • Board Chair of Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Board Member of Colorado Women's College
We cover courage in the workplace, general awareness of self, staying centered, controlling preparation, how to pay attention to someone else's motivation, judgement vs. discernment, and finding true power as a woman.

We close Part 1 with the Cherokee prophecy of the bird of humanity,  that says the bird of humanity has a male wing and a female wing, and it has been flying for centuries with primarily only its male wing. The prophecy says that in time the female wing will extend and express itself fully in men and women. The male energy will relax and the bird of humanity will soar.

Part 2 focuses on actionable steps women can take in the workplace for gender equity. 
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