Gary Stotler - Putting Myself Together, Investing a Penny, from 400 Pounds to Ultramarathoner

Where does one go from the absolute bottom? How do you rebuild, restart and save yourself? How does one learn to like themselves?
Merry Christmas everyone!

This was a powerful and amazing episode with Gary Stotler, coach, consultant and author.  

I'm releasing this on Christmas Day so that if you, or anyone you love is struggling to simply know that you're not alone in your journey.  

Gary takes me through weighing 400 pounds, sucking at selling cars and starting with walking one lap around the block, and getting just a little better each day.  He now incorporates journaling, meditation, yoga nidra, into his transformation.  We talk about taking out the mental and emotional trash and the clutter, and celebrating over 1200 days sober.

We're both failures - and while that may sound brutal and raw, it's the truth.   We've failed at jobs, relationships, life, fitness.  But we didn't quit.  And that is the sometimes the hardest thing is to not quit.  It's a fine line between keeping going and not quitting, but that's all it is.  We both understand how easy this is to say, and how challenging it is to do.

Gary and I have an emotional and powerful conversation - and made our world a little smaller.  We connected, and I hope after listening to this you feel connected too.  

I also share an amazing metaphor about time management from my friend Owen Jones.
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