Sarah Laughlin - Founder of Slopethreads, Garden Gurus, DU Angels & an MBA!

What happens when COVID smashes your business? How does a true entrepreneur and survivor respond?
On this, the 100th episode of this podcast, I sit down with friend, mentor / mentee Sarah Laughlin.  Sarah pivoted from a career in marketing to earning an MBA and concurrently starting SlopeThreads - Rent The Runway for ski apparel.  Then COVID shuts down ski resorts, essentially destroys her business for the season on March 9 2020, and forced her to issue refunds for over 600 orders. 

In an inspiring turn, she starts Garden Gurus - with no previous gardening experience, but leverages the talents of those around her.  And then in the spirit of help and mentorship and reaching back, she co-founded DU Angels.

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