Michael Cox: The Things That Don't Define You Shouldn't Shake You.

No ay de otra : There is no other. Facing fear, push/pull factors. Askholes.
I connect with Michael Cox from Zagworx and TheSalesRecruiter.com. In my book, he is one of the best humans, serving others as a recruiter - doing business the right way. 

We cover failures, self-doubt and fear - defining fearless along the way, and the book Beyond Band of Brothers.

He takes me through leaving the security of working for Xerox, starting his own recruiting firm during the pandemic, then 8 months of no business, and how helping others - truly with honesty - pays off. 

Then, his wife is diagnosed with cancer.

He teaches me about askholes, push/pull factors, exposure therapy, no ay de otra (there is no other) and the mantra that "things that don't define you, shouldn't shake you."

The episode concludes with a new track from Claire Beeler: Mothman.  
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