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Scott Smeester: CIO Mastermind - The Power of Peer Advisory

How does a technology leader get a seat at the boardroom table? How does one trust the influence of others in the technology space?

Colleen Abdoulah: Actionable Steps - Women and Gender Equity in the Workplace: Pt. 2

How to be a better negotiator. The difference between assertive and aggressive. Being your own worst enemy as a woman. Owning the word power.

Colleen Abdoulah, Former CEO of WOW! Internet on Gender Equity & Courage - Pt. 1

What exactly is courage in the workplace? How do you foster a general awareness of self? How will you help the bird of humanity soar?

Steve Thompson: Holistic Human Performance Coach on Empathy and Habits

Forget resolutions - how do you change your habits, and talk to yourself the way you would your dearest friend?

Gary Stotler - Putting Myself Together, Investing a Penny, from 400 Pounds to Ultramarathoner

Where does one go from the absolute bottom? How do you rebuild, restart and save yourself? How does one learn to like themselves?

Thomas Frey - Futurist at the DaVinci Institute

How does thinking about the future affect one's outlook? How will we communicate 100 years in the future?

Sarah Laughlin - Founder of Slopethreads, Garden Gurus, DU Angels & an MBA!

What happens when COVID smashes your business? How does a true entrepreneur and survivor respond?

Alex Elias - CEO of AE Consulting Solutions: Build an Asset, Not a Job

From starting and selling a business at 15, Alex takes us through his journey of creating, buying and selling companies, and his philosophy of building assets, not jobs.

Christine Hafen - Drill Ship Captain, Dynamic Positioning Operator - now jobseeker

What does it take to captain an 860 foot long, 150 foot high drill ship in 11,000 feet of ocean? Christine Hafen did it, for years.

Quinn Brett and Joshua Stevens - Wings for Life, Part 2

Running and handcycling for 24 hours around Lake Estes. We get in deep into the human mind when it gets dark and cold.

Wendy Wempe - Founder of STEM Generation

A geophysicist turned entrepreneur to create science fairs for under-served schools.

Never Say No: Donna Miller: 787 Pilot, Author and Philosopher

What happens in your life when you never say no to an opportunity? And you have laser focus on your goal?

Jean Hadzi - Senior Executive, Client Services at Opteamix

Robotic Process Automation , NAMIC, Watches, Being Good to People

Randy Wiafe - Head of Product at Flatfile

Randy and I talk about his non-traditional path to becoming a developer at a SaaS startup.

Beth Morford: Founder and Owner of Frontier Bikes

Beth Morford, owner of Frontier Bikes in Eudora Kansas!

Melissa Stenger, Director of IOT Services at Allegion

I sit down with Melissa Stenger from Allegion, and we talk about our similar career paths, through the bike industry, and eventually ending up in tech in Denver. We a...

An Easy Conversation about a Difficult Topic: Race in America with Mike Jackson

There are two titles for this episode: "Easy Conversations about a Difficult Topic" and "Reparations of The Mind". I invited my friend Mike Jackson to speak about a F...

Eric Wu: Co-Founder of Bracket Labs

Eric and I talk about his journey as co-founder of BracketLabs / TaskRay and the courage needed to be an entrepreneur. We cover the difficult process of layoffs, bein...

Rachel Alena: Voiceover Talent, Talent Agent and Voice Acting Coach

I sit down with Rachel Alena - voiceover talent, talent agent and voice acting coach to discuss her path from singing and stage acting to becoming a voiceover talent a...

JK Sparks: Head of Performance Marketing for Flatfile

In this conversation with JK, we cover the seismic shift in marketing that happened on June 24, 2009. This is when consumers - private individuals - started marketing...

Quinn Brett and Joshua Stevens: Wings For Life - For Those Who Can't

On Saturday, May 2, Quinn Brett and Joshua Stevens will be taking part in the Red Bull Wings For Life global event - but with a twist. For 24 hours straight, starting...

Katrina Padron, CEO of NorthstarHQ

I met Katrina via LinkedIn, and was fascinated with her expertise in both sales and marketing - concepts and roles that can be so close and yet so far. We talk about ...

Rolf Kramer - The Art Of Being Found and Making Your Funeral Big

I sit down with longtime friend Rolf Kramer, Director of Business Development from Techtonic. We talk about lessons learned during competitive mogul skiing, his Udemy...

Piep van Heuven - Policy Director for Bicycle Colorado

I sit down with longtime friend Piep Van Heuven, policy director for Bicycle Colorado. We talk about the mission of the organization, Denver Streets Partnership, the ...

Deahna Visscher: Mom and Patient Safety Advocate

Longtime friend Deahna takes me through the story of her son Grant, being born needing open heart surgery, surviving that, and tragically dying from a feeding tube acc...

Mike Cohen: Cancer Survivor and Heart Transplant Recipient

Mike Cohen has ridden his bike across the USA twice. Once, after beating cancer, and again after receiving a heart transplant. The second time, the journey and the r...

Splendid Isolation: Shackleton & Antarctica, Learned Optimism, and Deep Survival.

10 minutes or so on perspective, inspiration, what you can control, and decisions. I wanted to share a story of extreme isolation, survival and inspiration from Earne...

You Can't Steer A Parked Car: Owen Jones, Executive Career Coach

I was introduced to Owen by my friend Eric Hill in January, and over the course of sharing a cup of coffee, I realized that his experience, wisdom, advice and philosop...

Jonathan Siegel - Hot Wings and Gratitude: Heart Transplantee and Thriver

What would you do if your heart failed? Or when you checked into the hospital again, you were told you would never be going home? My friend Jonathan Siegel faced t...

Benji McPhail - Program Director for 105.5 FM, The Colorado Sound

I sit down with Benji McPhail, program director for 105.5 FM, The Colorado Sound. You need to listen to this station, period. We go through his musical journey - sta...

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